Our Videos

Our videos offer you an informative insight into Sax Dearing Orthodontics practice and philosophy along with orthodontic treatments and patient testimonials.

Our Philosophy

Dr Sax Dearing is an orthodontic specialist who offers a sincere, patient-based philosophy for all orthodontic treatments, to ensure the best result for a winning smile.


Every face is different at grows and changes over the course of a lifetime, we explore why, how and when treatment should start.

Oral Health

Oral hygiene is critical for your ongoing health, especially when you have braces. This video helps you understand the process and ongoing care of your braces.

Surgical Clinic

Learn about the surgical specialties of the Sax Dearing Orthodontics team and associated specialists.


Dr Sax Dearing talks about his practice, what is unique about his team and how rewarding the work is. Smiles for a lifetime is the end goal!


Hear from local people about their orthodontic treatments with Dr Sax Dearing and how it has changed lives and improved each patient’s confidence.

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Why choose a specialist?


Everyone deserves straight teeth and a beautiful smile.

Braces are far more attractive than crooked teeth.

Retainers keep your teeth from becoming crooked again.

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Appliance Care:

Brushing and flossing while wearing braces is easy.

What to eat when you have braces?

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