Some practitioners offer free initial consultations in an effort to attract clients. However, I am confident that you will value my advice.

Typically, the first consultation takes approximately 20 minutes at a fee of $65.00 (not including X-Rays). This is usually followed by a 20 minute appointment to get any other X-Rays that are required, photos and impressions (“records”) prior to final treatment planning at a cost of $260.00.

  • Treatment fees are estimated and cover the cost of the appliance, treatment to completion and any procedure that is carried out at this office during treatment. This does not include the initial consultation and radiographs (X-Rays), any general dentistry or oral surgery carried out by another practitioner which is needed during or related to the orthodontic treatment. The fee also covers one set of retaining appliances after the completion of treatment. The only reason for a change in the fee would be if we found that progress was being delayed by indifferent cooperation (missed appointments, poor oral hygiene, and undue damage to appliances).

To give you some idea of possible costs:

  • The fee range for Fixed Appliance treatment for space-maintenance or to counter finger-sucking and/or tongue posture habits range from $300 to $1000.
  • Removable Appliance (plates) treatment to achieve simple tooth movements range between $500 and $1000.
  • It is very difficult to quote for fees for comprehensive treatments with Fixed Appliances (braces) without seeing the patient first but these can range from between $4000 for a single arch (one jaw), between $6000 and $6,800 for two-arches and up to $7,500 for treatment that includes jaw surgery.


It is not essential that the total fee be paid prior to the braces being fitted. Below is an example of how we usually charge our fees. This method can be varied by negotiation provided the matter is discussed prior to appliances being fitted.

EXAMPLE (with average fee)
Total fee $7,200 (including GST)

  • Initial payment due when braces are fitted $2,800
  • The balance of $4,400 is arranged in ten payments of $440 at intervals of two months.
  • This extends the payments out over an 20 month period which is a little longer than the average period for treatment.
  • Amounts can be varied by negotiation before treatment starts.

For your convenience we have facilities to receive payments made by EFTPOS, major credit cards, automatic bank payments, personal cheques or cash.

If you cannot afford to pay the deposit in a lump sum, Automatic Payments from as little as $65 per week are acceptable. In this case, the start of treatment is delayed until a credit equal to the deposit has been accumulated.

Fees for treatment in Masterton are set slightly higher than elsewhere to balance travel and accommodation costs.

Please call us to discuss your options